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Hey Forsaken World!

Welcome to our website! This website is for the guilds Angels and Demons. These guilds are specifically created to be in an eternal and forever ongoing Guild VS Guild battles on the Eyrda Server. All guilds are welcomed to join with a character and be apart of the fun! This idea was created so that players have the ability to wager on Guild VS Guild's between these two guilds and also have the chance to be apart of it. The wagering will be handled by a non biased character controlled by neither specific guild to ensure complete fairness and non corruptability of the wagering process or outcome! The rules are very specific so that way everything is clear and no one is misguided or uninformed about upcoming GvsG's and how you recieve any winnings and how the process works! The GvsG's will be scheduled in the forum on this website and will have a seperate section for questions and answers.

Good Luck and Have Fun!!


(P.S. If you want to know how the wager system works please refer to the forum post "How it works!")

OFFICIAL- Names of the two (2) guilds involved in this community are only as follows- Angelz and Demon
(There are already guilds attempting to duplicate these names so if your approached with this invite by anyone else besides HighWager or HighStakes it is not the same offer this community is holding! PLEASE BE CAREFUL!)

DISCLAIMER- There is ONLY two (2) guilds apart of this community! we are not associated with any other guild or community, If someone other then HighStakes claims to be in charge of any Gold transactions ITS NOT TRUE!

As we grow more PVP competitions will come available! So the more we grow, the more you can get!
Guild News

Your Characters!

HighStakes, Nov 21, 11 9:29 PM.
Hello Forsaken World!!

Both guilds will accept any player from any guild on any server in Forsaken World! Players must adhere to the specific rules stated in forums or on this website or any affiliated website or forum or will recieve a penalty ranging from inability to participate in a match or up to and including expulsion from future matches at the discretion of the Community and or Management!  Top killers will recieve Gem and or Gold prizes for achievements such as top killer and others, the achievements you may recieve can be found in the forums under "Achievments"..  (Players may be subjected to random resistance/mastery points and Gem checks to ensure you are following the rules!)

Thanks and have fun!


The Winners!!

HighStakes, Nov 21, 11 7:41 PM.
The winners of each guild vs guild will be posted here along with the top killer and the player with the most deaths! (will keep a record of this for two weeks then will be edited!) example: Demons Win (Week 1 round 1)

The Rules!!

HighStakes, Nov 21, 11 7:27 PM.
1) NO CSed CHARACTERS! (all characters will be reviewed before GvsG to ensure players do not utilize gear thats Gemed! Also Cash Shopping your resistances and masteries will automatically disqualify you and you will lose out on any winnings or entry fees!)

2) Fights are structured in a 3vs3 or a 6vs6 style (Does not matter on classes used and once guild war has started their are no substitutions for characters. You are stuck with your class!) (No pets in battle!) the 1st 12 kills/losses will switch the team configuration from 6vs6 to 3vs3 or the other way around.

3) Once you have wagered on a team then you are locked in, you do not have the ability to change the wager in anyway!

4) All wagers must be in 1 (one) hour prior to the fight so proper calculations may take place! All payouts will be dispersed 10 minutes after the guild war is over!

5) If you are disqualified from a fight your character may not be able to return to the fight or points will be docked from your teams total score which will result in deduction of kills from the end result of the GvsG!

6) No other guilds may interfere with the GvsG or the fight will no longer be valid and everyone will lose out on their winnings so its up to you to ensure that others do not get involved! (to ensure as little interference as possible the location and realm of the GvsG will not be revealed to the public! Just to the players involved and the results will be announced on the website as well as in world chat so no one misses out on their winnings!

7) In order to get involved in the wagering you must provide a character name to recieve/pay winnings and entry fees and that character must be registered with this website and the profile must include any characters you have that are involved in either guild. (If you are a outside wagerer then you must also be registered with this website in order to properly wager and recieve winnings!)

8) In order to place a wager you must post the amount and who you are for or against in the proper forum section or your wager will not be counted. You are also required to use your in game name so that way everyone recieves their proper winnings. All wagers must be submitted to the character named (HighStakes) in order to be counted! (Our community IS NOT responsible for you sending your in game gold to the wrong character!!)

9) Anything goes! All skills including Racials, AoE's, Healing etc are fair game as well as Potions (Pots or Potting) is allowed as well as mastery/resistance potions and regen mana/health over time potions are authorized!

10) All GvsG's will be based on levels example: lvl 50-55 vs lvl 50-55 only!

11) The minumum wager is 50 silver and the maximum wager is 10 gold ( you may place two wagers at once example: wager that Demons will win and wager Angels will lose which in turn your max wager changes from 10 gold to 20 gold! Any further questions please refer them to the forum and they will be answered!

Good Luck and Have Fun!

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